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Undergraduate Teaching

The Department of Integrative Biomedical Sciences makes a significant contribution to teaching in most professional programmes such as MBChB and Molecular Medicine.

The MBChB curriculum in the Faculty of Health Sciences follows a hybrid model incorporating didactic lectures, small group tutorials, demonstrations, computer based practicals, laboratory practicals and problem based learning. The department makes a significant contribution to the MBChB teaching programme in the preclinical years (years 1-3) where core Biochemistry and Molecular Biology principals are taught in an integrated manner as part of patient orientated case studies. This occurs in the Semesters 2-5 programmes as well as in the Intervention Programme; a programme aimed at providing support to students with academic challenges.

In addition, the department offers a course entitled Molecular Medicine (IBS3020W). The course includes lectures, tutorials, and practical work that cover core and advanced topics on the molecular basis of disease. Course is open to 3rd year MBChB students who are enrolled in the intercalated MBChB/BMedSc(Hons) track and to students enrolled in the BSc(Med) programme.