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Pall ForteBio Octet K2 System

Octet K2


  • Biolayer Interferometry (BLI) is a label-free technology for measuring biomolecular interactions.
  • It is an optical analytical technique that analyses the interference pattern of white light reflected from two surfaces: a layer of immobilized protein on the biosensor tip, and an internal reference layer. Any change in the number of molecules bound to the biosensor tip causes a shift in the interference pattern that can be measured in real-time.
  • The Octet K2 system monitors binding events in real time to calculate on rates (ka), off rates (kd), and dissociation constants (KD).
  • The system's two channels can be used to measure samples independently or in tandem, pairing the sample read with a dedicated reference.
  • A wide selection of biosensors is available for binding a wide range of molecules or for derivatisation to create custom biosensors. Please refer to http://www.fortebio.com/biosensor-types.html for more details.
  • Powerful acquisition & data analysis software.
  • Samples are loaded in standard black microplates enabling multiple samples to be run in an assay.


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